I am going to make this FAQ page as simple as possible by answering the most basic questions as possible. Please feel free to email me via my contact page for any other questions you may have. I will respond as soon as I can. Are ya ready? Ok here we go…


Who are you?

I’m Veronica the woman that you have always wanted to talk to – I’m not just a babe, I’m smart, funny, experienced, and well versed in most fetishes, and even better… VERY kinky. I love roleplay! I am not an actress but a real woman who finds pleasure in phone sex. If you read my bio you will learn a lot more about me.

Where are you?

You are calling me at home. I don’t work in an office. I am located in sunny Florida. 

What can we talk about?

We can talk about literally anything! I have no restrictions! You can call me for a long relaxing masturbation session, or for a nasty little quickie! I have a sexy voice and many creative ideas! You can talk to me about REAL sex experiences, steamy fantasies, nasty role-plays, and even ask me naughty questions. But beware…because I’ve been known to get pretty explicit! This is a NO TABOO line, so ANYTHING goes and ANYTHING can be discussed!

When can I call?

I am available most days from 12 pm until 12 am Eastern Standard Time. If that doesn’t work for you then use my contact form and send me a message. I might be able to make special arrangements. But no promises! I do have a life and it requires sleep, real-time sex with guys I meet, family time, and going out with friends! If you call me when I am not available then you will reach my “After Hours” service. This is a backup company for your benefit with safe billing and quality sluts to talk to. 


Well… because I love phone sex! It’s fun, interesting, different every day, and I get to talk to horny men about sex. How could it not be fun? I provide a discreet but professional service for men who enjoy masturbation but need a little extra to stroke to. I am totally into phone sex it’s not just a profession… it’s a pleasure too! I may make a living off of my dirty habits, but I want the experience to be memorable AND fun for you as well. As with any other professional service – I plan on being here the next time that you dial my number and for a long time to cum!

How is billing done?

Simply review the site for details, then call me. I  will handle the billing process while you wait. It’s really that simple. Billing will be discreet and appear on your Credit Card statement privately. Have your credit card ready when you call and be prepared to give me your account information. Billing problems or questions are always sorted out in a professional manner. Please see my Billing page if you want more details on that!

Anything else I need to know?

Yep. I do not send out any mailings and all of your information is kept confidential. No one but me will have your information.