phone sex operator

phone sex operator

Veronica – A Phone Sex Operator with Style

Hey there – I’m Veronica! I am a woman that is an interesting mix of “extremes”. Yes, I’m sensual yet kinky. I’m very lady-like yet a slut. Also, I’m innocent but also a complete freak. It depends on my moods and who I am with. It depends who I speak to for phone sex! I am a phone sex operator that loves her job!

Let me tell you a bit about my “story” and what makes me “tick”. You see several years ago I was a stripper working my way through school. Then I went on to start my work as a massage therapist.  I started out doing legit massages, but as I said it all depends on who I am with. I married the first sexy man that I gave a happy ending. And I married him quickly. He’s a great guy but he is very into his career which keeps him away from home a lot. He’s attracted to the “lady-like” side of me. We aren’t as sexually compatible as I would like. He’s very vanilla.

I crave attention, I love being the object of desire, and I want to always explore my carnal side. That bad girl. That freak within. I enjoy taboos things. So I cheat.  Yet I don’t want my marriage to come crashing down, so a girlfriend suggested I start doing phone sex. It sounded like fun. And it IS! Now I get the chance to be me, both sides of me complete and satisfied.

Truly, I love all types of calls. I like short quickies, and I love long calls. Sometimes I like to get to know your story too. I find that sexual communication with another person is an incredible aphrodisiac.  It’s even improved my sex life with the hubby. I get off on the give and take involved in a phone sex session, hearing you moan, hearing what you like, and interacting with you.

I LOVE roleplay. I truly mean it!

I’m anxious to get into it and have discovered I really enjoy fantasies about BBC, rough sex, group sex, orgies, gang bangs, and so on. I love playing a different “mindset” because it’s always different, and always a new experience for me. I like to twist a caller’s fantasies and adapt them, I like to take full instruction, I enjoy creating a hardcore kink fest!

Phone Sex has also ignited the flames of my own personal desires. Things like being a sexual exhibitionist really appeal to me.  I love anal play, JOI, and even being The Girl Friend Experience with a new sexy friend.  I exploit my own taboos and do the same to my callers!

The fact is that I do love phone sex. I love conversations, and talking about sex is a lot of fun for me! I’m interested in having fun with YOU.

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